Tips To Take Care of Ankle Joint

The end joint of your shinbone, fibula, and the talus make up the ankle joint. It is one of the most important joints of the body. Any damage to any of the bones of this joint can impair movement to a great extent. Ankle fractures might involve just one bone or might be complex, involving multiple bones. Recovery also depends on quite many factors including complexity of the fracture, treatment, location of the fracture, as well as other similar factors. Ankle sprains are the commonest of sports-related injuries and could often lead to missed tournaments and matches. If you want to keep your ankles in good condition, you definitely need to take a very good care of them.  According to orthopedic surgeon D. Jennifer Waterman, “Your ankle is one of the toughest joints in your body…But injury, rheumatoid arthritis, or even old-fashioned wear and tear (also known as osteoarthritis) can cause that joint to weaken, and motion to become stiff and painful.”

There are ways in which you can maintain a good health for your ankles and reduce the chances of getting ankle sprains. Here is a list:

Balance training

Exercise daily to improve the ability to balance. By doing this you would be actually honing your body’s ability to control itself. Your body does have the ability to self-control in all positions. So, you must try balancing your body on one foot at a time. You can bring variations by changing foot, standing on a pillow or hopping on one leg from one place to another. This will help you improve balancing, thus, will reduce your chance of ankle sprains.

Ankle strengthening exercises

When doing regular chores if you feel weak in your ankle, you have weak muscles around the ankles. In such a situation you are more likely to suffer injuries. There are certain ankles strengthening exercises that you can ask your athletic trainer or physical therapist to help you with.

Bracing and taping

These are the two ways in which you can prevent injuries at the time of some sports activities. Taping and bracing might feel as if slowing you down, but with practice you can definitely improve performance as well as avoid injuries as well. Ask a specialist or your trainer to help you get tapped and see how it feels.

Each person is different and will respond differently to the exercises and the treatments for a healthy ankle joint. You must consult with your trainer or an experienced orthopedic to find out ways in which you can keep your ankle joint healthy.

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