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Befit Physiotherapy is a fully equipped physio & sports injury clinic run by experienced physiotherapists and is conveniently located in Carlingford. Spinal pain is one of the most common problems seen by our physios. In most cases, physiotherapy can help, but as in all problems, early assessment and treatment is vital.


The longer you have the spinal problem, the more recurrent it is, the further down your arm or leg the pain travels and the more severe your symptoms, the worse your prognosis. If you have signs of nerve involvement (weakness in the arm/leg, numbness/ pins and needles in your hands or feet) this may indicate a longer recovery or a worse outcome.


In about 80% of spinal pain the exact diagnosis is not apparent. This means that no-one can tell exactly what structure is injured. Physiotherapists usually use a biomechanical diagnosis. This identifies areas of the spine and surrounding structures, that have dysfunctional movement. Treatment is aimed at restoring pain free movement and function in the spine.


Physiotherapy management in most cases seems to be beneficial in helping overcome spinal pain. Using a biomechanical model, modalities such as joint mobilisation/ manipulation, exercises, soft tissue therapy, traction and patient education can lead to a good outcome. Self treatment strategies are very important.

A combination of physio plus medical treatment may also be needed in more difficult cases. Though knowledge about back problems is not a core part of medical training, your doctor has access to advanced diagnostic options such as blood tests and advanced radiology (such as CT and MRI scans). If there are no serious underlying medical problems (such as infection or cancer), the basic medical tools would be medication, injection or surgery

Back Pain

Back pain is a common problem and if you suffer from low back pain, you are not alone. Managing your low back pain may not be a simple matter. You need to be aware of a number of factors to help you decide what to do to treat the problem and how you can influence outcome. Here are some things you might like to consider:

1. It may not get better on its own – In most instances of lower back pain, the problem may settle within a few weeks. However, many people are still affected in some way by their pain 12 months down the track. Also, flare-ups are very common. So, whilst you may get better doing nothing about your back pain, to ensure the quickest and best outcome you should seek assistance.

2. Physiotherapy can help – Physiotherapy can help you overcome an episode of low back pain. The goal of physiotherapy is to restore pain free movement, and to help you maintain this improvement over the longer term. Physiotherapists use a range of modalities to achieve these goals. These can encompass things such as hands-on type treatments, exercise therapy, dry needling or electrical modalities to name a few.

3. There may not be an overnight cure – Recovery can take time and can be related to various factors. These include the severity of the problem and also the state of your tissue prior to injury. For example, if you are a 55 year old manual worker, your spinal tissue may be degenerated (worn out) prior to injury. This may mean a slower recovery than in a 21 year old with less degenerative changes in the spine. Other contributing factors can include your general health, your weight, whether you are a smoker, your fitness and if you suffer from depression.

4. Anti-inflammatory medication – You should be wary of over reliance on anti-inflammatory medication. Whilst it may play a role in some cases, it should not be the only intervention you use to you treat your low back pain. Other modalities such as tailored exercises should be incorporated into the management program. Remember, a study in the USA a few years ago suggested that for every $1 spent on anti-inflammatory medication, a further 75 cents had to be spent treating the adverse side effects.

5. Core stability – ‘Core stability’ is a buzz word in low back pain management. Improving your ‘core’ muscles may help you overcome resistant back problems and avoid recurrence. These exercises need to be specifically tailored to your needs, usually by a physiotherapist with skills in this area.

6. Ongoing exercises – One of the biggest risk factors in suffering a back injury is a previous back problem. As such, you need to continue general fitness, mobilising and ‘core’ exercises long after you recover from your back injury to try to help prevent recurrent problems.

7. Posture and work – Your posture and the work you do can contribute to the development of low back problems. Prolonged sitting, working in a bent forward position and heavy or repeated lifting can all be factors in you developing a back problem. These need to be addressed if you want a good outcome.

8. X-rays –  There is very little value in having X-rays early on to help manage lower back pain. They have no value predicting who will get back problems, who has back problems or identifying what the problem is. Having too many X-rays throughout your life can be harmful to your health.

Neck pain

Neck pain is a very common complaint. Whilst physiotherapy treatment can help neck pain, it is very important that you learn to help control and manage the problem yourself. Here are some things to consider:

1. Poor posture – Poor posture can cause and aggravate neck pain. Learn how to maintain good posture during common activities such as reading, watching TV, sleeping and working. This will reduce neck strain.

2. Overuse – Overuse can over-stress the neck structures. Performing the same activity repetitively is unwise. Try to break up and vary your activity from time to time. Examples when overuse can be a problem include painting, gardening, practising your sport (e.g. tennis, golf), lifting, lifting weights and work activities.

3. Poor muscle control –  Poor muscle control may lead to fatigue and sub-optimal neck function. Strengthening your neck muscles can help you control your neck problem.

4. Treatment – Treatment can often help. Arrange to have treatment on your neck when problems arise or if your neck begins to deteriorate. Don’t leave it until problems become severe.

5. Heat and massage – Heat and massage are useful self treatment techniques. Heat often helps muscle spasm or tension. Rubbing creams with salicylate (aspirin) in them can give good localised relief.

6. Regular breaks are important – Regular breaks are important. Try to divide your activities into small chunks and have breaks in between. Performing gentle stretches and range of movement exercises (as prescribed by your physiotherapist) can be very useful during these breaks. Also, get up and walk around regularly.

7. Your chair is very important – Your chair is very important. Make sure you have a good chair for work, study or when at the computer. Your chair should have a good lumbar support, height adjustment and adjustable arm rests.

8. Computer height is important – Computer height is important. It should be at eye level and not too far away. You shouldn’t have to twist your neck to use your computer. You should have a document holder, good light and the keyboard should be at elbow level. Your physiotherapist can provide specific guidelines about setting up your work station properly.

9. Avoid tension whilst working – Avoid tension whilst working. When you are tense or you are over using the wrong muscles, it will put increased stress on your neck. An example of this tension is when you shrug your shoulders and hold this position. You will feel the tension in your neck. When you relax from this ‘shrugged ‘ position and let your shoulders drop down and relax, this reduces this tension. Learn to relax these ‘shoulder-neck’ muscles.

10. Improve your neck flexibility – Improve your neck flexibility. Reduce neck stiffness by stretching tight neck muscles and joints. A stiff neck is less able to withstand strain and loading. Have your physiotherapist show you what exercises you should do.

Befit Physiotherapy Reviews

Been struggling with chronic lower back pain all these years and I am glad that i came across befit physio. Kevin Li is very helpful and informative in treating my condition. He is very patience and thorough in each session and it has significantly eased my back pain. I am happy with his patient service and would not hesitate to come back again for future more
Jing Tan
01:16 11 Mar 19
I would like to highly recommend Kevin Li from Befit Physio. It can be hard to find a good physio. I had an injury which had been treated before, but by a physio who only temporarily fixed the problem. Unlike Kevin who was very thorough and not only worked on fixing the injury but finding what caused it and how to prevent it from reoccurring. He is very professional and very welcoming and the constant support he offers ; even between sessions, is exceptional. Only wish that I had come to him more
Lynda Hurst
12:45 06 Mar 19
Anshu saved my back! I have a bulging disc and put it out one night after a coughing fit. I could barely walk, couldn't lift my feet or bend over at all. I was in so much pain. Anshu fit me in within an hour of calling and had me walking well again and pain free. She's very intuitive and experienced and could identify all the issues I have had over the last few years. I feel relieved to know where I can go should it happen more
Victoria Govers
11:27 05 Mar 19
Went there to get my ankle checked out and the physio, Kevin was very helpful and thorough in terms of diagnosing the extent of the injury. He also provided very good strategies and exercises to strengthen my ligaments and flexibility to prevent further injuries!read more
11:36 18 Feb 19
The staffs of Befit are very caring and look after their clients on a personal level. I will highly recommend it to all my more
Mirasol Go
20:31 08 Feb 19
The staff at Befit Physiotherapy are very caring and very hands on. They actually treat the area and then give instruction on how to strengthen the area. Other physio's will look at the area and just tell you how to fix it. Befit is highly superior compared to other physiotherapists. Highly more
Grant Whittaker
01:44 30 Jan 19
Professional service, trustworthy, great location, skilled, would recommend!
07:10 29 Jan 19
Excellent physio. Anshu is nice, caring and very professional! Thanks for great service!!
zara ghaderi
02:59 22 Jan 19
Anshu is a great physio with skill and experience. She treated me for unbalanced muscles in my left knee that caused me knee pains. She guided me through to 100% recovery. Would definitely more
k t
03:14 08 Dec 18
I have been seeing Anshu for over 2 years row after having 2 knee surgeries. Last year I had a partial knee replacement and with Anshu’s commitment and her amazing knowledge and ability in knowing how little or how far she can go to make the treatment 100% effective!! 6 months after my surgery I was able to do a light jog which I never thought I would be able to do again.However I had a small complication and had to have the second operation which I had to return to Anshu for her help. I also had severe plantar fasciitis which after Anshu’s proper taping technique went away after about 4 months.I would highly recommend Anshu for Injury, Sports Injury etc.Karenread more
Karen Thomas
03:08 04 Nov 18
Anshu and her team provided me with brilliant care. I went to her in terrible pain and the physiotherapy at that time immediately relieved the symptoms and her subsequent ongoing support has been more
Lauren O'Neill
00:23 22 Sep 18
Very accommodating to my busy work schedule, my lower back problems have been fixed and i have not had to go back for over 6 months!read more
Jarred Parker
01:48 17 Sep 18
The place is clean, getting an appointment was easy, and reminder was sent via email or Mobil phone to remind one day early, also i was able to swipe my private health insurance card for the service. Mrs Anshu is friendly and more
Ashley Tian
03:40 09 Aug 18
I went to Anshu with a severe sciatic nerve pain in the back and once assessed, Anshu said I would probably need 4 to 5 weeks of treatment by massage and the hot pads. I could'nt bend over and touch the floor in my first week( hands only halfway down my shins ) but gradually after treatment by week 4, I was touching the floor and by week 5 could bend over numerous times to touch the floor. If you need any sort of Physio I would highly recommend Anshu and Befit more
Robert O'Neill
11:31 27 Jun 18
Diagnosis is accurate. Treatment is generous - some practitioners treat one area as several small bits so as to increase the number of more
sup lin Ng
11:56 24 Jun 18
Anshu is a amazing physio, I saw her for my plantar fasciitis and experienced a speedy recovery. I would recommend her to anyone!read more
Craig Hayne
09:33 24 Jun 18
I came to see Anshu after my husband recommended her. She has been very helpful treating me throughout my pregnancy with back and nerve pain. I would recommend to anyone looking for a physio in the more
Jessica Squillacioti
07:17 24 Jun 18
Very professional and effective treatment from Anshu. I can highly recommend her and will be returning to her practice if needed but currently I am "fixed". Thank you Anshuread more
Angelika Acock
07:02 24 Jun 18
Anshu is a great physio! She has helped me to recover from a motor vehicle accident, which also meant regularity liasing with my insurance company. She is very personable and I instantly felt comfortable with her. I would highly recommend her to more
Regan Gates
04:41 24 Jun 18
easy to book. quality treatment.
Douglas Fyfe
04:22 24 Jun 18
I have been to many physiotherapists over the years and Anshu is the very best of the lot! She is very thorough and caring and offers excellent advice as well. She is also very professional. I am always feel so much better after a phsyiotherapy session with Anshu!read more
Ann Orchard
03:09 06 Nov 17
I highly recommend this small, but professional establishment. Anshu took great care in treating my injury and was even very understanding when I needed to make changes to my booked appointment at late notice. Will certainly be returning here when I’m in need of her services again!read more
02:47 05 Nov 17
I torn my ACL and I have been going through my post surgery rehab with Paul and Anshu for a few months. They are very professional and helpful. Their expertise is helping my get back into playing soccer and I am very grateful for all of their advice and the routines they have build for me. I would recommend them to anyone who needs more
Andrew Teoh
03:35 26 Oct 17
The best therapy service offered that I have come across. Very friendly and at the same time very thorough with the work. The exercise regime given to me made my recovery quick from my surgery pain and strengthened my muscles.Would highly recommend Anshu to anyone!read more
Sushma Shekar
04:36 20 Sep 17
Anshu from Befit listened carefully and asked questions to determine how I hurt myself - diagnosed me and started treatment. The initial session was the best experience compared to other times I have ended up at a physio. The rooms at Befit Physio are always prepared before I arrive and well set up with good equipment. The practice is run to time and appointments have timely and I have not been kept waiting.Anshu has shown concern and compassion for me and my injuries. She has also laid out the course of my treatment, home exercises and answered my questions.Pricing is good and I have not been hit up for extras. I would recommend Befit Physio to anyone requiring more
Paul Campkin
11:12 19 Sep 17
Had a very good experience and great benefit. Anshu is very patient. I'm more than happy to recommend her to friends and more
Zaraf Shaikh
10:43 17 Sep 17
I have received treatment from Anshu Soodan at Befit Physio and have found her to be excellent. She is really positive to work with, has loads of ideas about how to tailor treatment to your particular lifestyle needs; and is also great at responding to quick questions via email rather than having to wait for the next session. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone looking for more
Raman Mann
09:03 17 Sep 17
We both husband and wife saw Anshu in Oct 2016, for back pain. We found Anshu very pleasant and professional. She took the time to understand our issues, and provided treatment by massage and exercise. I also went back in June 2017 for calf injury issues. Anshu is very reasonable and effective. We both highly recommend Anshu and Befit more
kard singh
08:06 17 Sep 17
I had a couple of session with Anshu at Befit and felt much better after the visit ! She is very courteous and more
Shilpi Sharma
00:35 28 Jul 17
I had a few treatments with Anshu at Befit and felt so much better afterwards! She was very kind and really listened and worked on the areas that were actually causing the problems but also worked on other areas to alleviate the tension that was there. All round great more
Sandra Motallebi
02:14 13 May 17
Anshu offers a really great, professional practice. She listens to your concerns and I always leave feeling completely better. She gives you helpful exercises to do in your own time as well. I would highly recommend Befit physio!!read more
olivia brancatisano
02:09 13 May 17
I have been suffering from arthritis for a long time since now. After visiting several doctors I have finally resorted to Befit Physiotherapy for the past few months. Anshu Sudan with a team of committed healers and physiotherapists tries their level best to provide excellent treatment at their clinic. You will be catered to for a period of about one and a half hours. In that short period of time each and every minute details will be taken care by them. The clinic is located at a favourable place. You can park your car in the front of the more
Isam Dababo
18:36 26 Mar 17
I am an arthritis patient and I have consulted various physicians regarding this. But I have found no result at the end. In fact I was asked to go for an operation. In that moment of crisis I got hold of this amazing clinic named Befit Physiotherapy. I received an immediate appointment as I was in a critical condition. Anshu Sudan and her committed team of professionals treated me with care. I received world class treatment which I found in no corners of Australia. Their main objective is to treat the patient and not run after money. I am grateful to Anshu Sudan and her more
Jon Machalek
04:17 28 Feb 17