Sports Physiotherapy involves prevention, evaluation and management of injuries resulting from sports and exercise participation at all ages and levels of ability.

At Befit Physiotherapy, we use the following techniques for treatment of Sports Injuries:

  • ‘Hands on’ techniques such as massage, joint mobilisation
  • Taping to support an area or facilitate normal movement
  • Rehabilitation exercises and advice, taking into account individual goals and history

We also work for injury prevention and provide injury prevention programs. There are several injuries (including ankle sprains, knee injuries and hamstring strains) for which the risk can be significantly reduced if a specific injury prevention program is used. These programs are typically not time intensive and can actually improve sporting performance as well.

We treat all common sporting injuries:

  • Joint sprains— knee, ankle, shoulder and finger injuries
  • Muscle strains—hamstring, calf, quadricep
  • Tendon injuries—achilles, patella and gluteal tendon pain
  • Bony overuse injuries—such as ‘shin splints’ or stress fractures
  • Rehabilitation from surgery —knee, shoulder or ankle arthroscopies or reconstructions

We emphasises the importance of evidence-based practice, using findings from clinical and biological research to support assessment, treatment and decision-making.

We treat persons of all ages engaged in sports or other levels of competition. We offer therapeutic treatment and advice on safe participation in sports and promoting an active lifestyle to help all individuals improve and maintain their quality of life. We play major role in helping the individual involved in sport and recreational activity to enhance their performance, recover from injuries, and provide education and resources to prevent problems.

Goal of treatment and rehabilitation

Our aim is to treat and completely rehabilitate the athlete after an injury or a surgery or to prevent further injury and to maintain the strength, flexibility or endurance of the athlete in order to return to the sport in the shortest possible time. It is a multi-disciplinary approach to the management of sports related injuries. The goal of treatment involves protection of the injured tissues to heal and control the early inflammatory phases and to improve flexibility, strength, and proprioception or muscle-imbalance to ensure the return of the athlete to the particular sport safely.