Casting is commonly rendered non-surgical treatment option for injuries related to the bones and soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments). Casting helps stabilise fractures and reduce pain, swelling, and muscle spasm.

The word “fracture” implies a broken bone. When you break a bone, your doctor first aligns the fractured pieces together in the appropriate position, and then your therapist applies a cast or a splint in order to hold the bones in place while your fracture heals.

Casting is the most effective way to immobilize skeletal fractures. Casts are made of hard setting materials such as plaster or fiberglass (a material made of glass fibres in resins) to provide the best clinical outcome. Fiberglass is more expensive but is lighter in weight, lasts longer, and breathes better than plaster. In addition to these, X-rays can pass through fiberglass better and may help your doctor investigate your fracture better during the healing phase.

At Befit Physiotherapy, we use fibreglass cast and waterproof liners which means that you can go swimming, have a shower or a bath. The fibreglass is lightweight, breathes and is waterproof so having a broken bone isn’t such a nuisance especially in summer.

We use the newest type of cushioning under the cast – Delta Dry, in a sleeve which means the material cannot gather and cause any pressure areas. It is also way safer and more comfortable. In the sleeve it cannot be pulled out with any menacing little fingers, so again it’s way safer. The Delta Dry allows for great ventilation so it easily dries after it has been wet and you actually need to get it wet, makes it not itchy, not smelly and more comfortable.

Cam Walker Boot / Moon Boot

At Befit physiotherapy, we can fit and supply Cam Walker Boot / Moon Boot for fractures of the foot or ankle. The boots can also be used in bad cases of planter fasciitis, ankle sprains, achilles injuries/surgeries, post-surgically, and for a diabetic ulcer. Unlike casts, the Cam Walker brace can be removed to allow you to wash the body, apply ice and progress with weight-bearing.